Monday, November 25, 2013

Oh! Monday Morning.

I talked to my husband and got him to take the kids out on Sunday morning to go grocery shopping.  I was home all by my sweet self for two hours! I put on some country music (What? you didn't know this Hispanic girl loves all the tractor songs? The truth is, most people I know, don't know!) and got to work cleaning the house.  Usually, I do my home cleaning (A.K.A home blessing according to the Fly Lady) on Monday mornings.  But I decided that I needed that Monday morning time with the kids. I used to have them watch a T.V. show while I ran like crazy cleaning, but to be honest it was one of the hardest things to do. My son always interrupted me wanting to pee (He is two and a half and fully potty trained but cannot get his pants down yet), my daughter always had something to tell me.  I ended up working on what could take me 1.5 hours for more than 2 hours. Hence, on Sunday morning I had time to spare and I even cleaned the kitchen cabinets!

Since the work was done, we were in the learning room early today.  Here is what we did:
The big sister got to work with a different sound box.  She picked J which led us to review the story of the letter g and how it has four different ways to be used in Spanish: First the true sound g as in goat with a, o, and u : gato, gorro, guante, . Then, the soft sound like h in English with e and i: ginete, general.  The third is back to the true sound g with e and i but using a silent letter u: guitarra, guerrero. Finally, the use of the double dots on top of the u to make it sound when followed by e or i as in cigüeña and pingüino.  It is a lot to take in... but with the stories, it just makes learning something complicated so much fun.  If you are interested google Letrilandia by Edelvives.  It was written by the genius Aurora Usero Alijarde

I will place this picture next to the rest of the alphabet sound objects. Check there if you need to know the Spanish names of our objects.

Using the movable alphabet: gato, gotero, gusano. We will tackle the rest of the sounds, and exceptions in the next couple of days.

While I was talking about the story with my daughter, my son helped himself to the animal replicas... no wonder he was all quiet!
I helped him figure out what to do: sorting the animals after finding the cards from the game Exploring Animals.  I don't recommend this game, but if you receive it as a gift like we did, you have to find a way to use it.
Usually there are three cards per animal; but each card matches up with any other. It is not like a puzzle.  It is hard for the kids to identify them... I find it overwhelming so I am getting a few cards out at a time from now on.  You can use any toobs, or miniature animal replicas to match the cards.  There is the fur, adult animal, and baby animal in some sets.  Other sets have feet, adult, and baby animal.  Other sets only have two cards.  It is inconsistent and perhaps that is why I don't like it. At the end, my son had fun looking for the animals he loves (cow, giraffe, sheep).  

After working on letter g, I finally pulled out this activity I got for three bucks!  Actually, I didn't pull it out, my daughter found it.  I bought a bag of glass stones, and two set of coasters shaped like a fish at the dollar store.  
She used the glass stones to look like the fish's bubbles according to the number on top. It is a popular activity I have seen in many blogs with the twist of not doing anything except buying the materials.

My son, like always, was interested in the activity his sister was doing.  Here is were my day went from usual to unforgettable.  She decided to teach him how to do it!  It was super sweet.

Finally, the little guy started to review his colors using the shoes I made from the book:  Pete the Cat: I Love my White Shoes.  I love the story and we have been singing the song for quite a while

It was a productive and fun Morning morning.  I hope yours was too.

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