Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Magic tree house book update: Mummies

I felt really bad when I found out how expensive Medieval Times is after we finished with the Knights at Dawn book.   Seriously $35.99 for a four year old that probably will not touch her food in the midst of the excitement... and $59.99 for each adult?
 I still want to take them, but I need to first save for it.
We moved to the third book and the kids loved it!  Mommies in the Morning is about , well mummies and Egypt.

 The kids loved the safari toobs pieces and the story; but were absolutely fascinated by the mummies!  We went to the library to check out books, and look them up on the computer.  I still had some books about mummies from the Inca empire and they loved to just see images (to me it is a bit gruesome). When my daughter said to me that she wanted to be mummified and have her sarcophagus next to mine, I knew we needed to do a bit more than just look at books.  I found out that the Field museum in Chicago had free days that included the mummies and pyramid exhibit and we were on our way! It was a fantastic day... even my husband took the day off to join us.
This is my daughter looking down at a real mummy!

This one was her favorite. Although she was intrigued by the many baby mummies. 

I had to lift them so many times... thankfully my son agree to get in the ergo!

The black cat...Goddess Bastet just like the one from the book. 

After actually seeing small replicas that explain the mummification process (cleansing, gutting, brain out through the nose and all, and the bandages) she decided that maybe she didn't want to be a mummy after all . 

 We had to try a bit at home with the teddy bears and toilet paper....
and off course with the brother... but since he didn't stay still it didn't work out.

Finally she asked to color a picture of queen Hutepi from the book. Thank you Google!

I feel the museum visit gave them clousure... they started to ask for book #4: Pirates Past Noon.  We are currently on chapter 3. Now where am I going to find them a real pirate or a ship in the middle of all this corn country?

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