Saturday, November 23, 2013

Magic tree house #4: Pirates Past Noon

After all the fun with the mummies and the Field Museum, we have moved to the next Magic Tree House book: Piratas Despues del Mediodia (Pirates Past Noon).  My kids are really loving the books...I know they are little (4 and 2.5) but they ask me to read to them every morning.  Later in the day, I see them playing the scenes with their toys.  This picture shows one game that they came up with on their own.  I had purchased the pirate toob (Thank you Jo-Ann for all the 50 and 60% off coupons... I have a great toobs collection!), the kids found this pirate ship in our basement.  It is from the fisher price little people sets.
So much fun!  They are learning a lot of new vocabulary, and discovering more about each character.  These two siblings are role models for my kids: they are showing them how to work things out, share adventures, and learn together.

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