Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I can't sleep!

I am so very excited about our trip to visit my friend, I just can't sleep.  I have been making lists of what we need to bring, stuff I need to get tomorrow, and all the essentials reminders to leave the house ready.  At the end, I am just excited to go see her and her beautiful family.  My friend and I met while taking classes at a community college.  We were both single, and very skinny!  Now we are both married, each has a daughter (both are four years old), and also a son (hers is almost two, mine is closer to three). She lived about an hour away, but this summer, moved almost 6 hours away.  I couldn't be sad when she told me.  She was moving because her husband found a job where he didn't need to travel as much.  I had to be happy for her.  But... I do miss her!  So we are driving to see her tonight!

Here is what happened at home today:
Every morning she has been picking a box and writing on the white board.  It gives me the opportunity to help her with letters she doesn't know... I need to finish the alphabet with her!  I feel awful about it... but really who needs X at such a tender age??? O.K. I know what you are thinking.....I have to get my act together. Today she picked Z zanahoria, zorrillo, zorro, zapatos. Z is hard for me because coming from South America there is no distinction between the sound of z and the sound of s.  Using letrilandia has helped.  I also know that I need to mark the difference when she is writing to her spell words correctly.

My son found this alphabet cards his sister got a long time ago.  He lined them up and we play a building vocabulary game.  He knew all the words in English, he is learning them in Spanish now.

I asked, he pointed at it.

We had some friends over for a playdate indoor and outdoor.  Sleeding, and running around left my kids to ask for an art project after lunch.  We decided to paint the cars their dad made for them.

getting ready!

At work...

Blue car

Pink car

Letting them dry.  I put painters tape on my son's car.  When the paint dried we pulled the tape and look at the cute stripes!  So much more work to do!
Update: many months later, the cars had to go to make room for other toys made out of boxes.  The great thing about them was to be able to just toss them when it was time without any guilt. 

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