Saturday, October 5, 2013


I wanted to share with you about a mini unit we are working on.  It all started with a visit to Kuiper's Apple orchard.  My husband has been asking me to go for a while and honestly I thought it was a lame idea.  But then last Sunday we went with some two other families and had a terrific time.  Both of the kids ate a lot of apples and loved learning about the different types. The orchard had six apple varieties for us to pick, eat, and bring home.  I highly recommend this activity to families with little ones.

After apple picking we had to learn about apples:
On the way to the apple orchard! 

The one apple I can remember by name....? 

A little reading and identifying activity. It has the five apple varieties we know the most: Fuji, honey crisps, golden delicious, crispin, and empire.

writing a sentence with flash cards.  Then my daughter reads it and adds the type of apple she likes to eat.

An activity I got from a friend. Thank you Kari!

The activity put together... it is about constructing an apple with felt pieces that represent its parts. My daughter likes to build it from the skin in, and them from the seeds out.  It was her own idea... I found it cute.

Making apples with playdough

This is the second shelf... I didn't take the yellow trays down, hence you can see how they are next to each other.  1. transferring mini apples with a spoon. Mostly for my son (2,5 years old)

2. Transferring apple seeds with chopsticks.  Mostly for my daughter.  She is really good with the chopsticks!

3. Math activity.  Sorry I forgot where I got it from.  I goolgled Montessori apple activities and found it.  Simple counting game using the clothespins.

One of the book holders has books  about apples.  I only was able to get one in Spanish: La Vida de la Manzana.  I love the two books title apples.  They have a lot of interesting information.  I am learning with my kids. 
We are planning on germinating a couple of the seeds, and making apple sauce together. 

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