Thursday, September 12, 2013

New books: The Magic tree house series

I have been looking for more Spanish chapter books to read to my almost 4 year old.  After having such a wonderful time with Charlotte's Web, I didn't think I was going to find something that could hold her attention.  Then, just looking over at the Spanish section of the library, I found the Osborne's Magic Tree House books.  I picked the first one and decided to give it a try.  You need to know that my daughter is not into dinosaurs at all (except maybe the books like: How Dinosaurs Say Good Night).  I thought it was going to be a stretch for her liking but it worked out perfectly.
If you don't know about them, let me tell you a little bit:
1. It is a story about siblings experiencing something together... my favorite part is that they care for each other! The two characters are Jack and Annie.  They are very close but their personalities are quite different.
2. It has magic, suspense, and some images but it is not a picture book.
3. I was able to find small replicas that go well with the books!  Both my kids love to see the characters from the story in their little hands. They really like to recreate the story with the replicas.

Both kids loved the first book.  We read it during the course of one day...They kept on asking me to go on.  We read a little bit with breakfast, another little bit afterwards, then at lunch, and finally just before their naps! They learned a bit about dinosaurs, and regarding carnivores vs herbivores,  but were most interested in the relationship between Jack and Annie.  We will keep on getting more of these books in the near future. 
The dinosaurs came from a Safari toob.  The kids (Jack and Annie) were bought a long time ago from Hobby Lobby. They came in a family small pack that you will use when building an miniature of an architectural design.  They are really small and not appropriate for the children who are still in the oral stage of sensory development. My two year old doesn't get to hold them, just the dinosaurs.  

We are in book #2 now: Knight at Dawn.  We are having a great time.  Again we found a Safari toob with knights and dragons and are using them to make the story come alive.  When we finish the book, I am taking the kids to Medieval Times.  It would be wonderful to have them see the Medieval castle, eat with their hands, participate on the feast, and check out the armors! 

Since I like to be prepared a bit more, and my kids want to read the stories fast, I already got the third book for the series!
This one: Mommies in the Morning can be complemented perfectly with the Egypt toob.  It comes with a ton more than what I am going to use, but the cat is almost identical to the one in the book!  There is also the pyramids, the mummy, and the Egyptian royal lady. 

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