Thursday, September 12, 2013

Initial Sound Test

Some friends came to visit and in the mist of it all, my almost 2.5 year old went in the learning room, and took out most of the alphabet objects.  He loves looking at them one at a time, but as of now can't put them back by himself.  In the rush of getting them of the carpet I placed them in a plastic container I had.  Well today, my almost 4 year old told me not to worry.  She was going to sort them all.  AND SHE DID!!!
She took all the boxes and had the letter label facing her.   One by one  she took the objects from the plastic container and placed them in the correct box.  I could hear her sounding them out and putting them in away while I was getting her brother ready for a nap.  It was a self created activity that gave me the opportunity to see how well she has mastered all the initial sounds.  

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