Sunday, September 1, 2013

Home remodeling

We are not big at remodeling at my house, mostly due to tight budget, but when I got an offer to teach a whole academic year at Language Stars (I have to mention that I get to teach my favorite classes 3 parent-tot sessions, and one 5-8 year old kids only session all on Saturdays!), I didn't want to just get a paycheck every other week and spend it to the point I didn't feel like I made a difference... you know how it could go... a toy here... eating out one day... activities... clothing there..? and then you wonder... where did all my money go? I want to make a significant difference for my family (mostly for myself). So I called 1-800-588-2300.. yes Empire! to finally make my wish come true and replace the awful burgandy color carpet from the 80's we have in our home.

Here it is!  We made a cut in it to see what was making the bird-like sound every time we went in the learning space. By the way... It gets worst, not all the rooms have the same carpet.  two rooms are beige, and one room is pink... seriously could the previous owner just get one color?  Any how, we are moving everything out of the rooms, to give way to our brand new all-same-color carpet that is coming on Sept. 3rd.  I can't wait! I actually waited three years and three months for it to happen!  I know that just to have new carpet is not a huge deal to most people, but to me it means a lot.  I will be able to see a clean house (old carpet gets dust stuck on the edges that just doesn't come off).  To make things even more exciting my husband that is also very excited about the new carpet just painted the upstairs hallways and my room!

In the mean time, I am posting here because I had to move everything out of the learning room.  We are are on an forced vacation. 
This is the hallway bathroom!  I feel like I deserve a spot on a hoarder show!  I have stuff even in the bathtub! Can you see the counter? no... the white part is another plastic container! I cannot see the counter anymore.  There is materials on top off and around the toilet!

Our Montessori and non-Montessori materials are in a hallway closet. 
I will make a new post with the new carpet and the new learning space set up.

UPDATE: New carpet!!!!
I was trying to take the picture in the same spot as before, and my kids decided to pose!  Our new carpet rocks.... uniform through all the upstairs and so clean!!! I love it.

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