Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Weather puppets!

I have been using these weather puppets during my building block at Language Stars.  They are adorable and truly get the kids talking about the weather.  Plus! you can use them for a puppet show, and to play many games.
I love them so much that I bought a set for my own kids.  If you are interested, they are sold thru oriental trading.  The quality is not the best but if you are using them at home they should last (I am actually surprise how they are holding up to the use in my Spanish class!)
We have Lluvia (rain), Sol (sun), Copito de nieve (snowflake), Tormenta (storm), Arco Iris (rainbow), and nuebe (cloud).  I put them in the sofa waiting for my two curious kids to wake up to find them.  They were in love!
How many can she use at the same time??? I have been enjoying the puppet shows.

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