Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The fancy letter A

My daughter, who loves writing and learning to read, got me thinking about the difficulty to read when there are so many different fonts.  For example the letter a can be found looking very different from cursive, to comic sans script, or script, to the times roman font.
I remembered seeing a cute idea from my letter stories (where every letter is a character in Letrilandia).  It had an image of each capital letter in a hanger.  I decided to use the hanger idea and not just talk about the capital letters, but the different fonts.  I wanted to buy a small closet, but they were a fortune... I was happy when I found this little locker at Lowe's for just a few bucks. I created the Fancy letter "A" closet...for all her different outfits!
As a game, I told my daughter that letter "a" got her clothes dirty and needed to get changed.  So she opened the locker/closet and found the outfits!
I found these tiny hangers at the doll house section at hobby town for only 99c. 
Here you can see the letter "a's" outfits.  Now when she sees a different font, she can still recognize the letter.

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