Thursday, August 1, 2013

Reading practice

Here are a few pics from my alphabet chart that is in our basement.  I do need to say that the reason for me to hold on to it after leaving my teaching job, was simply that it costed me a ton of money to laminate it.  I did it at kinkos and used the very hard laminating film.  It will last forever!  I am glad I did.  

Here is one of the ways I am using it.
the night before going to a meeting with our homeschool group I left my daughter a sign on her art table (See below).  She loves this activity. This is a picture of how I left it ready for her.

This are the names of most of her friends.All she needs to do is to recognize a few begging letter sounds and she tells me if she saw that person or not that morning.  If she did, she moves the post-it to the chart.  Fun!

Here are the kids she saw today.  Not everyone.

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