Saturday, August 17, 2013

Community Workers!

We are continuing to learn about community workers.  Today, my daughter asked me if the cashier at the super market was a community worker.. and I loved it!  At the moment we are learning about the garbage truck driver's very important job, and about recycling and waste.   I got two cute mini garbage cans and they are helping us learn the difference.

I based my selection on the items we currently have, but also keeping in mind what could fit in our mini cans.  I wish they were a little bigger. For waste I have a pretend fly (bugs go to waste!) a piece of fabric, a wrapper, a popsicle stick, and an acorn.  For recycling, I have a mini altoid (trying to get the metal group in), a mini plastic bottle of shampoo, a piece of paper (a business card), and the metal lid of a drink.  My two year old loves this activity.  Now they can help me recycle too.

 This is our little at home activities on community workers, but please know that most of the learning is taking place where the community workers do their actual job! I keep this activities available for a week unless someone asks to not have them put away.
 Community workers books and activity: Match the worker to his/her vehicle.
police officer, pilot, firefighter, handyman, vet, and farmer.
In Spanish:Policía, piloto, bombero, empleado de mantenimiento, veterinaria, agricultor

another matching activity.

Just yesterday, we stopped at the Lego store and my daughter and I had a wonderful time making mini community workers!
Chef                                            mechanic

Lanscaper                                        pediatritian

         Dairy Queen Ice cream server         waitress/server (giving daddy coffee!)
In Spanish: Cocinero, mecánoco, jardinero, pediatra, dependiente, mesera
The last two are actually very good at resembling the actual individuals in our community.  
As you can see, I am using the same set-up try as the one I had with the figures above.I actually had the community workers and vehicles for almost two weeks on the shelf.  My son really liked the cards. Together they did the matching. 

The great thing about this lego activity is that the community helpers can change genders!  In Spanish and in English there are gender differences we are addressing when referring to the title for the community worker: mesero/mesera waiter/ waitress.  In Spanish we are working on the gender words (a at the end for female, and o for males, but we also have exceptions like pediatrician which is pediatra for both) Also, it is such a minuscule figurine that it takes attention, effort, and patience to put it together.  

I am currently also working on a future unit on bugs... My kids love cicadas!  We have collected more than 20 empty shells from our backyard, and one two dead ones! I need to figure out how to preserve them!  yikes! My kids found one of the cicadas just about to come out with its new four wings!  It came of its shell during the night, but we still had a very young one to observe and take back outside.

I am also introducing my kids to new authentic practical life activities: here they are using a small floor cleaner I made for them.  Well technically, all I did was put it together leaving out a section, hence it is just the right size for them.  I think is from the company that makes orange glow cleaners.They love it.  Next... it is window washing activity.

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