Thursday, August 1, 2013

Community helpers are in the house!

One my favorite themes in school was community helpers (my favorite was animals).  I wanted to start exposing my daughter to all kinds of community helpers. Then I found a few things around the house and the whole thing started.
So far we are talking about six of them.  My goal is for her to know a bit about what they do, learn the different names by gender in Spanish (kind of mailman, and mail carrier of it is a female).  I found a Safari toob for only people and I love it.  Then I went online and found a ton of great ideas, now I also want to find little pieces that go with each profession, like fire truck, police car, tractor, etc.  For now all I have is a puzzle that connects the person with some item of their job, the small figure, and profession cards that shows female and a male for each one with images and with words.  

Here is a close up to the farmer.  In Spanish el agricultor, la agricultora.  Sorry the flash covered the tractor image.  I am taking the pictures at night.

My favorite part is going to be all the fun visits we are going to start next week.  I want to talk to her about every job, and see if she has any questions that she can ask.  I am also working on her being able to wonder out loud, and find ways to get answers to her questions. 

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