Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bilingual Tip: Making vocabulary fun

This is not going to be a post with new ideas.  It is just to share something cute I made to help my kids review the vocabulary they are learning in their Mandarin class.  I will also be using this materials in my Spanish Parent-tot class this Saturday.

The topic: Summer clothing!
This is our Mandarin chart.  I change evry two weeks according to the topic presented in their Mandarin class.  In the middle we have the topic poster print out.  Around we have things to help me review it.  Thankfully every word is written in Pinyin to help me read it!  To add a bit of fun, I made two pictures of Caillou, and Rosie.  Side note: I don't love the show, but it is the only cartoon in Spanish that I can let my kids see without me there.  Mostly when I am vacuuming upstairs!  For some reason, my kids love this little four year old.  Back to the topic: I print out a bunch of clothing that I measure to fit their bodies.  I found it all on The idea is to ask them to put a clothing item in Mandarin and have them get Caillou and Rosie dressed. 

These is what they will be working on, I am using my learning topic sheet to guide me and help me pronounce.

Another game that I got (I did buy this one) is the laundry Jumble Game.  It was $17 at Amazon.  and it is perfect for reviewing.  It comes with the cards, the laundry machine, and the small clothing items.  I brought it down a notch, meaning I took pieces away (extra cards, etc).  The idea is to get a card and then put a hand in the machine and try to find with your sense of touch the item on the card.  So far, it is a lot of fun.

transportation. Just for fun!

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