Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Writing practice

Again, I was inspired by a member of my homeschooling group to start something special.  I decided to have my daughter (3 years 9 months) start a journal.  I know she is little, but she can draw, and she can write a bit.  She was so thrilled with the idea.  Today was her first time using the journal... check it out:

First we went to Walgreens (local Pharmacy) to let her pick a notebook.

She picked this glittery notebook.  It is smaller than a regular notebook.  When you move it around it looks pink or purple (two of her favorite colors).  We added a label with her name that I am covering in the picture.

After I asked her what she liked the most about her morning, this is what she wanted to add to her journal today.  She drew the computer screen and a Dora (since she played a Dora game at the library). She asked me to do a key board for her.  Then she wrote "computadora" sounding out every letter slowly.  I love her R's! She just learned it last week.  Then I asked her if she wanted me to write something for her.  This is what she asked me to write: "Today I went to the library and played with the computer.  There are "horses" (she wanted to write it by herself so I let her) in my classroom.  I drew a princess on the white board in my class."  What she was talking about was a ruler in her learning space that has horses on it and when you move it, it looks like they are moving.  And off course, not a day goes by without drawing a princess on her white erase board!
What kind I say? She loves to share! I would love for her to read her journal on her own one day.

I got this idea from: www.heidisongs.com.  She puts felt letter stickers on the outside of the box for her students to copy, and uses pipe cleaners.  

I decided to include an object, the shoe lace, and the lacing letters I found at the teacher store (all lower case letters)  All the words start with the same sound R: rojo, rana, red, raton.  We are still working on r and how it is a strong sound at the beginning of the word and a soft sound when in between vowels.  We will soon learn how it becomes a strong sound when there are two r's in the middle of the word.

Then she added a twist!  She wanted to write the words she was lacing! I found it after she was finished. She was about to erase the word when I took this picture. 

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