Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Playing in the rain

Thanks to a member of my homeschooling group, I am hooked on the blog: www.letthechildrenplay.net ! As I was looking through the pictures, I remember constructing houses (tepee style) made out of branches of palm trees.  I also loved playing in the rain and getting really dirty in the mud... Well my kids are going to get that here too!  I am determined to let them play and not care about them getting dirty!
Today was one of those gloomy days, some rain, but not to hard was not going to keep us indoor!

We do not have a professional landscape... but we have two little ones who love to line up rocks! Now they are into rock stacking.  We call it: rock sculptures.

Mami, I found a bug!

My son's favorite toy: rocks! He even sleeps with them.... and yes! I let him!

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