Saturday, July 20, 2013

Outside and inside play areas

Our home is a fixer upper... As my husband says: we have thirty years to pay it, then thirty years to fix it.
With a limited budget, we have been working (O.K. let's be honest... my husband has been working) on fixing little things here and there.  One of them being a play area for the kids.  We could not afford to flatten our yard (it is a steep hill) nor buy a playground set... BUT we could try to make one...

Here is the playground area... as you can see a work in progress.  Still my son's favorite thing to do is "help" move the wood chips with his shovel.  See the hill in the background?  I did not tilt the camera

Our play area is under the deck.  We chose it trying to get some shade there too.  The swings are hung from the deck and we just have a few slides on top of a lot of wood chips.

My daughter loves to swing.

I will post more pictures of the inside tomorrow.... the computer is acting up.  We have an unfinished basement that is such an oasis during these hot days.

Our basement is not fancy at all.  When I was teaching in Chicago, I had these bathroom curtains to semi hide the place where I had a ton of boxes and other materials that were stored in my classroom.  At home, I also have a lot of storage ... and it is messy... and unpacked since we moved out of our condo in the fall of 2006!  I know I have a bunch of dried up flowers, my husband gave me while we were dating.  One day I will get to it.  It is not going to be tomorrow.  In the mean time.  The curtains work perfectly to hide the mess!  On the floor we have the foam puzzle pieces we got at Costco.  We bought 3 packages.  It was great deal for a flooring solution. 

Here is the other side of the basement. See my little monkey?  He was trying to jump to the shopping cart!

And to the left.  Some storage and an art table.  Under the window, I have a big alphabet chart that I used to have in my school classroom.  I am glad I kept it.  Now we use post-it pieces to add anything we find with a certain letter.  One day we did all her friends, another we did animals...etc.  Sometimes she writes them, sometimes I do. To the left of this pictures is my laundry area and the stairs. Nothing fancy... so no pictures.

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