Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Our first novel: Charlotte's Web

Our Homeschool group is going to the movies.  This will be the first time my kids go.  We will be seeing Charlotte's Web, and I decided to read the book just before.  Here are some pictures of what we are doing while reading the book:

You just can't read this book without getting a baby Wilbur!
We are reading the book in Spanish.

I am not sure if this a bit inappropriate, but it is very cute! It has been so hot over here, my kids were running around without pants!.  Here she is on the counter showing me how Fern was feeding the baby Wilbur.  My daughter really wanted to hold the pig just like fern, that is why she is having the book open next to her.

On top of the corner by the breakfast table we made our own spiderweb. It was looking up that Wilbur and my daughter met Charlotte (Carlota!)

"Reading the book to her bear and to Wilbur (he is also in the basket).

Here she is showing them the pictures!

I pull out this cube with questions that I used when I was a third grade teacher.  She gets to toss it and I ask her a question... Yes 3.5 years old girls can answer them if you explain them and maybe give an example.
Q:One thing I did not know(I added: about spiders)... Her A: that spiders drink the fly's blood. 
It was fun, and we definitely use it again  
Update: Wilbur talking to Templeton!  We found him at IKEA.

We went to the Kane County Fair, and guess who we saw???


Another Update (8/05/13)
"Some Pig"

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