Wednesday, May 1, 2013

In our learning space and beyond

We visited the DuPage Children's museum in Naperville.  We spent about 45 minutes just playing with bubbles.  Even I had a great time!
See the very happy engaged kids?  My daughter learned to get herself inside a bubble.  The little guy was finally able to make his own bubbles.  He has a hard time blowing the little wands, and ends up tasting the soapy water.    Here he was able to just move the big wand and create huge bubbles.  He was very focused!

In our learning space (upstairs) we are working on botany.  
We moved materials around and only kept one small shelving unit for our Mandarin learning.  I moved most of it to the pocket chart, including the flash cards.    In the now empty shelving unit I arranged our botany area.  It is just a start.  We are using the puzzles and the 3 part nomenclature cards I made that go perfectly with the puzzles.  I have a small see through box to collect specimens!  We will be collecting flowers, leaves, seeds, etc. Hopefully our oak trees will give us leaves soon.

My box for the cards, although I still need to finish my root cards.

Taking the tree puzzle apart and assigning the cards.  This is the beauty of making my own. They match!

Then we worked on the flower puzzle

To add a little fun to math, she did a flower by matching the colors on the cards with the numbers on the hundred chart.  

I finally bought the extension cards for combining sensorial materials.  I hesitated because I didn't know how to use them. I placed them in a half size binder for the kids to pick what they want to work on. If you look at the second picture, the small black binder in front of the red rods is the one with all the extension pictures. 
She loved this one! Although she didn't follow the exact placement, she made it her own way.  

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