Monday, May 27, 2013

In love with princesses

Since my daughter is in love with princesses these days (specially Cinderella), I look online for learning activities using princesses.  I found some interesting activities, and then I made some on my own.

My goals with this materials are to help her with counting up to 25, early addition, number and letter recognition, and off course social skills (AKA: playing nice with her brother).  For my little guy, I am also reinforcing the Spanish conjugation of the verb "to have: tener" in the first, second, and third person.  I will try to fit in "we" conjugation as we all have Cinderella in our bingo boards ;-}

Here are the images:
Materials: 2 dice, 32 counters, nine clothespin, two small baskets, and the materials on this picture: one very tiny lunch box, 1 set of princess collection, and Cinderella squinkies.  I found them all at Target for about $15.

Princess matching
Cinderella bingo: I made 4 bingo cards with only 8 characters each, and a single copy with the image, and name of each character to call them as we play.  
"Prince finds Cinderella".  This is a counting activity using the chained beads 1-10.  

Recognize letters and early reading.  Matching the very tiny princesses to their names.

Number recognition.  Each card has characters from the movie.  The objective is to count them and attach a clothespin that has the correct number on it as they match it to the correct number on the card.

Counting board from 1-25.  Can be use simply as counting up with a number die, or it could be use as chutes and ladders (if player falls in a nice character roll the die again and move forward. If the player falls in not-so-nice character, roll the die again and move backwards).

Just for fun, I found this cute stamp set for $9.99!  

Here is my first attempt to do a sensory tub.  I was experimenting with it.  Since I already had materials, it was not very hard to put together.  I was trying to see if my kids will benefit from them.  I am still assessing its educational purpose...meaning I need to read more about them.  Also, I know that I personally have issues about using real food for this type of activity due to the volumes required (I have met too many hungry people to let my kids play with food).  Instead, I decided to give it a try with things I am more comfortable with like confetti, shredded paper, packaging peanuts, sand, and the like. 
I placed all the characters from Cinderella, her lost glass slippers, and some jewels for them to find. they loved it... yes they were a bit messy, but the vacuum picked it all up.
Finally, we gathered quite a variety of princesses books.  I tried to do a comparison of different types of Cinderella's but I guess my kids are too little for that.  My daughter didn't want to read the other versions.  Maybe later?   We went to the bookstore and found this set of ten little first readers with many princesses and very short repetitive lines.  They were a bargain and have been loved!.

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