Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My wish for books

This is a special post for Mr. Bruce Larkin.
I found out about Mr. Larkin's books quite by accident.  I got an e-mail advertising free Spanish books for pre-K through second grade.  I had to look into it!  The books are offered to schools only in classroom sets of repeated tittles.  I looked at the previews of some of the books and wanted to give them a try.  I went ahead and placed my order of a pre-K set.  Since it was taking a while for me to get them I e-mailed Wilbooks and just by chance saw that they were looking for book reviewers.  with my background and my Spanish I though I could be of help... and maybe I could get some books to try at home.

Long story short, I ended up talking to Mr. Larkin himself!  What a great guy with an inspiring desire to help children to grow bilingual.  That is my type of guy!

We got their books and they are fantastic.  Here you can see my kids with the books in action!
 For some reason both of them loved the white book!  I think it might be the lovely pictures.

Big sister wanted to see all the covers! I picked this particular set of books because it included purple, her favorite color. The little guy loves the farm one.

Here they are both reading, but it was super cute when Lucas asked Valentina for what his said... and she sure enough read it to him.

In all, we love the books.  They are a treasure to find.  I actually thought I was going to need to start writing my own books.  I also feel that they are like a taste of a delicious treat!  Now I want more!

Here is what I would love to have (If you are reading this, Mr. Larking could you please make this books available?)

1.  I would love a whole set of alphabet books for introducing and practicing each one of the 27 Spanish letters.    You can also add a book for CH, and LL!
2. Easy readers (3 letter words and 4 letter words) that are hard to figure out by the picture.  Perhaps an I-Spy book?  something in the like... several images, and the kids read the word and pick one image.
3. Article plus Two Words books.  These books include the noun and verb only.  They will help encourage early reading... example:  el pato salta, la osa come...etc
4. books that focus on blend sounds  like br, cr, dr, gr, pr, tr, bl, cl, gl, pl..etc.(like brazo, crema, trapero, clima..etc)
5. Books that have difficult sounds and variations. This books will help readers remember the uniqueness of Spanish (and its very few exemptions to the rules)  Like gu vs. ge sounds, the ci vs cu sounds.  hard and soft R, G and C sounds.  Also the few words with the double dots on top of the u to make the u sound next to g... like pinguino!
6. Finally books about letters that confuse even adults!  books on the use of V and B and books on the use of C, S, and Z!
So many more ideas....PLEASE Mr. Larkin write this books!  I will be the first one to buy them! (or review them)

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