Thursday, May 30, 2013

Authentic Practical Life Activities

In this post I am hopping to show how being in a homeschool situation has allow me to carry practical life activities to a true practical meaning.  These activities happen often, help my children become independent, and make them contributors in the many chores of the house. My kids, just as many others, love feeling included and able to take on a job.  From folding towels, to cooking; cleaning the house to caring for themselves!  Kids are able do so much more than wait for mom to get things done.  I have found that if I present them with a task, and I allow them to try they become responsible and willing to help.  I hope this last a lifetime!

After the kids read about Cinderella for the first time, my daughter decided to clean the house using wipes.  I re-focused her cleaning desire by presenting to them how to clean a baseboard.  They loved it. I sat with them in front of one of the wall in our living room.  We don't have any furniture there and being bare helped a lot.  I show them how to wipe in the the main part of the board, and then the top. Then each one selected a wall and started to work! At the end, as you can see on the picture, they decided to work side-by-side.

Making rice:

It is amazing what kids can actually do on their own if we just show them and let them.  Here she is making rice.

Washing dishes.  Since we are not in a school we were not going to have one of those super cute child size sinks.  Instead, we use an incredible tool: the learning tower! With it they can reach the counters, do the dishes, and cook.  One of our favorite activities. Yes, my son is in his diaper!  oops!

Making waffles in the morning
After their dad show them a few times, they are completely able to do it on their own.   We only step in to help with pouring the batter on the waffle maker since it can cause a burn. 
All the ingredients ready!

cracking and pouring the egg...

adding milk and oil...

mixing the ingredients

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