Monday, April 15, 2013

Learning Mandarin

We are continuing to learn Mandarin through Language Stars.  Both of the kids are having a great time with the Fun Immersion simply because Ms. Autumn is a fabulous teacher.  The kids are learning a ton of vocabulary in every class.  I still play the Mandarin songs in the car and have noticed them humming, or trying to sing parts of them. We can recognize a few words like hands, candles, and a song our teaches uses in every class.
We decided to go for an adventure and visit Chicago's Chinatown for the second time since the kids started Mandarin classes.  Again we had a blast.  

The kids and daddy next to the statue of the year of the horse.  

Just walking by stores.  We took them to a bookstore where my daughter asked for a book all by herself IN MANDARIN! I can't tell you if she said it right, but the cashier understood perfectly.

We bought two books in Chinatown and asked our teacher to read them to the kids.  I also brought a recorder to the class so I could record her and replay it at home.  The next picture is of us learning about food.  The kids had to match the food to the paper cards.

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