Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Our own books!

To help my daughter get excited about reading, and to move from single words to sentence reading, I used a groupon for a photo book at Shutterfly.  I had the opportunity to create a hard cover Spanish book, just for her reading level, about her favorite stuffed bear.

The book has simple sentences with words that she is already able to read.  It is to boost her confidence and to encourage her to enjoy reading.  It was a ton of fun to do it!  I simply picked the summer template for the beautiful pastel colors, and added big pictures I took of her special bear around the  house.  Here is a translation of some of the sentences: my bear is sick, my bear is reading a book, my bear has a purse..etc.  She adores her book, and as you can see bellow, loves to read it to her bear!

In the spirit of sharing, I am posting a few pictures of my first ABC book.  This book was created while I was a teacher in Schaumburg.  I was expected to teach about the city of Schaumburg and was unable to find any materials in Spanish. I decided to write one on my own and I wanted to make it very interesting to my students. I also wanted to cover vocabulary words like urban, rural, commercial zone, residential zones, nature preserves, etc. I decided to ask the principal for the school mascot (an eagle) and enlisted a good friend of mine on the quest to find locations/venues in the city that started with each letter of the alphabet!  During a school break we drove around the city taking pictures of the Eagel in places like Alexian Beisball Field, Biblioteca (library), Centro Cultural (cultural center), Chevrolet (I included CH just for the sound), Departamento de Policia (police department) etc.  It was an incredible journey! Everywhere we went people were so eager to be part of our book!  I will never forget a cashier at KFC that ran to put on some lipstick before the picture!  Many places like Quiznos, Medieval Times, Legoland, UPS, and Petco had such friendly workers who wanted to help me by holding the eagle and even posing with it!  Thank you to everyone and specially to Mrs. McKearin for making this book possible.
Here are some pictures of the book:

For the cover, a picture of the eagle next to Sponge Bob made out of Legos (from Legoland)... no third grader would resist to know what this book is about!

I am planning on making one book about our town this summer. I need to start working on my alphabet list.
I am also planning on making a book about horse breeds and horse care for young readers.

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