Sunday, March 31, 2013


We have decided to start our homeschooling environment.  I am in the gathering materials stage.

1. By accident I received the e-book Montessori At Home.  A while ago I thought about buying it but since I was taking the Montessori training class I could not justify it.  I had asked a question about the e-book and ended up in their mailing list.  Well, the new edition came up, and it was sent to everyone in their mailing list including me!  I felt bad about it, so I sent an e-mail explaining that I didn't pay for it.  Then I got a reply saying: "no worries, you go ahead and keep this free e-book."  I spent the last few days looking through it.  It is such a wonderful resource.  Much easier than trying to read a ton of blogs.  Thank you John Bowman!

2. My father-in-law, a former genetics professor at Northwestern University, had given me a scale when he downsized homes.  I was cleaning it, and look what I found inside:
It is a set of knobbed cylinders!  I imagine these were Maria Montessori's inspiration!  The biggest ones in the drawer are very heavy.  The little ones in the box (that used to be inside the drawer) are very small, and very light.
There are nine little knobbed cylinders. I picked the smallest up with the tweezers because if I hold it with my fingers you won't be able to see it.  Their weights range from 1g to 100g for the little ones in this box.
I could not resist making the comparison.  Here you have the Montessori knobbed cylinder (biggest in block #1) next to the 1g and the 100g.  Cute right?

As I mentioned before, big sister loves my camera.  So I went ahead and got an image of the camera's instructions booklet and made her a special set of 3 part nomenclature cards.  She has learned the names of different parts of the camera like the flash, the trigger, the lens, zoom, etc.  Sorry, the parts on the camera are so small that you can barely see that I used colors to make them stand out.

Here is a box to keep them all contained and ready to use.  I got this box with our Chinese food take out.  I recycle, and have saved a lot.  They help me organized the 3 part cards. 

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