Thursday, September 22, 2016

Vacation Learning and playing: Wisconsin Dells, and Devil´s Lake in Baraboo, WI

The kids did a little of journal writing during our trip.  We used the bad weather days for that.  Fortunately for us, we had very few bad weather days. 
At the end of each, as we were talking about what we had done, I would write notes of the things they enjoyed the most.  They have used those notes to write in their journals. 
Little Guy created this folding piece of paper booklet to draw, and label what he was discovering in our walks. 

But then, it started to rain. That was when we checked the forecast and found out that the next couple of days it was just going to pour.   We love being together; but being inside our tiny RV for more than a day in the rain is not fun for anyone.  So we adjusted our plans and started to drive south. On our way we told the kids that we were going to take them to the wilderness.  They were clueless when we got out off the RV to go inside the Wilderness Resort and Water Park in Wisconsin Dells.  It was a great choice for a rainy day.

Our last stop before getting home was Devil´s Lake in Baraboo, WI.  When we visited their nature center we learned about The Smokey Bear program. We were able to check-out a bear to hike and spend the night with each one of the kids.  We also wrote in the bear's journal to share about our experiences in the park.  The kids loved playing, and sleeping with the bears. 

Here is a view of the lake from a look-out area.  Next, a picture of the walk next to the lake, where we were able to see boulders, and cobblestones.
This last walk came to mind when talking about rock sizes. 

Home Learning: Rocks #5

Our next experiment had us exploring the properties of river rocks. We started with a combination of river rocks that needed to be separated by particle size.  

First, the kids took a closer look at a mixed heap of rocks.

We used the large-mesh screen to separate the large and small pebbles.

Next, we moved to a medium-mesh to separate the large gravel.

Finally, we used the small mesh to separate the small gravel.  This step left us with only sand in the cup.

This was their finding: a pebble breaks into gravel.  Gravel breaks into sand. They label each cup containing each size of rocks.

Then, Big Sister asked: "Can sand break into something smaller?" We had to give that a try.  We used the spoon to mixed around the sand and discovered a layer of very thing dust like rock particles.   

With the help of our fingers, we were able to pick up some silt. They added limo (silt) to their labeled cups. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Vacation Learning: Rocks: Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore #4

Apple Pasties from Muldoon's in Munising

During the next 5 days of our trip we were camping at the Twelvemile Beach Campground. It is a first come, first serve popular destination.  We were there around eight in the morning to snatch a spot.  We were really lucky to get in the Thursday before Labor Day. 
The campground has no electricity, or any other hook up, and it is also located far from any stores.  Basically you bring what you can, and live with it.  

It does have an spectacular setting, right next to a beautiful beach, surrounded by trees. 
Here is a pictured of "our" beach. 

We explored the White Birch trail, a two mile self guided interpretive loop.  Throughout the hike, the kids loved finding the number markers. It got us ready for longer, and more strenuous hikes.

This was the view from the inside windows of our RV.  It seriously looked like a poster picture!

We drove to the end of the Park in Grand Marais and inch our way back to the campground taking several stops along the way.  Above, Sable Falls, and Sable Dunes. 

The dunes were a big hit with the kids.  They enjoyed running up and down, and hearing their echo coming back from the adjacent forest.  The views of the lake were gorgeous. 

We walked to the Au Sable Light Station.  Sadly it was closed when we arrived.  Nevertheless, we were lucky to see the rocky beach, and the remains of a shipwreck.

Here is one of those sunsets that made this place magical.  The kids were practicing skipping rocks. 

The next day we were going for an even longer hike.  We walked to The Hurricane Campground were the river meets Lake Superior  We packed a lunch and made it a day trip.   It was an almost 6 mile loop.  Our kids were troopers!

Hurricane River

The kids were working on a channel to connect the river and the lake.  It was hard work.  At the end, they decided that jumping over their channel was a lot more fun. 

This is what our children do when the vegetation gets thick around them.  Since Little Guy was hurt by poison oak earlier in the summer, we have learned our lesson.  We are a lot more careful regarding poison oak and poison ivy. Hence, the hands up to avoid touching and spreading dangerous oils. 

Here both kids were waiting for the sunset. 

The water is so clear, and fun to look for rocks.

The kids loved playing by the beach.  In fact we spent a whole day doing only that!

Here are two pictures of our lovely campsite.  We used this beach tent to let the kids play and gather their things outside the RV.  Since the RV is small, we use the outside as part of our living space. 

This is what the kids ended up playing with: pine needles, pine corns, feathers, and leaves. 


Don't be worry, we were not stinky dirty for almost a week.  We took "bsths" in the lake ;)

On our last day in the area, we inch our way back to Munising.   We went on a hike near Beaver Lake Campground.  

White Pine Trees

Our finale stop was Chapel Falls.  The road to get there was awful, but worth the views.